1Hospitality: Rhonda Hazlett-Under the direction of the VP of Programs, the committee shall make the necessary social arrangements for successful Chapter meetings; assist in establishing meeting location, rooms, and arrangements for the meetings; maintain a reservations list; welcome members and guests at each meeting, recognize and introduce guests, issue name tags, etc.
1Education: Mary Haider- This committee shall maintain the Chapter Library; index and routinely publish all library holdings; identify and obtain Board approval for the purchase of items to be added to the library; solicit donations to the Library; make all material available to the members on a charge-out basis for a specified time assuring return of same; as directed by the First Vice-President, assist in planning and administration of workshops and other instructional programs, sessions, etc.

1Publicity/ PR: Scottie Swafford - Solicit and promote favorable publicity for the Chapter and its meetings through printed publications, radio, television, and other media; receive news items for publication in the Chapter newsletter from officers and members; make every effort to increase the awareness of ARMA in the Greater Chattanooga  Area.
1Website: Scottie Swafford- This committee shall prepare and format the website and develop a communication tool; assist with managing the service provider; collect information for the site; updating and designing the website; assure that all information that is published is kept current; solicit information for publication from other Committee Chairs.

1Membership: Mary Haider: This committee shall collect information to prepare, edit, and publish the Greater Chattanooga Area Chapter’s annual contact list and be responsible for updating, maintaining, and distributing to the Greater Chattanooga Area Chapter members.
1Newsletter Editor: Kela Wright: This committee shall function as editor and publisher of the Greater Chattanooga Area Chapter newsletter; as the editor, the committee will be responsible for soliciting articles, notices, photographs, and other Chapter and Association information for publication; edit same for corrections; prepare and format the newsletter; assure its publication and distribution.

1ICRM Liaison: Gregg Long, CRM - Institute of Certified Records Manager, ICRM, shall disseminate information concerning the Certified Records Manager program, exams, etc., to interested members and be a committee of one.
1CFC Liaison: Susan Whitmire, CRM -Chapter Foundation Champion, (CFC) is to promote the ARMA International Educational Foundation with grassroots ARMA members to ensure that every ARMA member is afforded an opportunity to personally support the Foundation and to champion the current "5/100 Legacy" campaign.

1YEAR BOOK/ HISTORIAN: Secretary, who may appoint a committee chair, the historian shall manage any Chapter records older than one year; apply the Chapter retention schedule and manage the storage of these records; maintain the Chapter Library; index and routinely publish all library holdings in the newsletter; identify and obtain Board approval for the purchase of items to be added to the library and solicit donations to the library; make all material available to members.

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